Interview with Jennifer Murgia from Angel star

Interview Jennifer MurgiaI said on Facebook there was coming an interview with Jennifer Murgia. She responded so fast on my questions, it was very nice. She made an incredible impression on me. Read the interview down below.

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1.     How did you become a writer? 

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. It was my dream job! Growing up as an only child allowed me to fall in love with making up stories at a young age. I tried my hand at children’s books but they just weren’t quite right. Then, in 2008, I wrote my first young adult book, Angel star, and I realized writing YA felt right.

After querying for a long while, it found a home with Lands Atlantic Publishing, and was released in 2010. It’s since gone on to be published in five languages. There are two and half books in the series (one is a prequel) I’ve also written a YA contemporary – Between these lines, and a YA historical duology – Forest of whispers & Castle of sighs, my 17th century Bavarian with mystery series — the first book won a Moonbeam Children’s Literature Award.

2.     Do you have another job beside writing?

I’m a mother to two teenagers – which will always be my most important job 🙂

3.     Which YA books inspired you? (I would like a top 5)

A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY – Libba Brayinterview angel star

TWILIGHT – Stephanie Meyer

DON’T DIE DRAGONFLY – Linda Joy Singleton

SWEEP series – Cate Tiernan


4.     What made these books so good?

Ahh.. the element of magic and hope and infinite possibilities, coupled with the smooth flow of the writing.

5.     Which elements return in your own book?

I suppose all of the above 🙂 and that there is always something larger than ourselves out there.

6.     Are you thrilled for the release date of your book in the Netherlands?


7.     Where do you get the ideas for this book?

The idea for the book came to me after mulling over the question, what if the one person to fully love you, unconditionally, was someone you could never be with. The idea of a guardian angel fit perfectly:) And, of course, I had to add a twist and a conflict, and that would be my dark angel in the story.

8.     Where do you keep these ideas? Do you instantly write them down or do you keep them in your phone?

I sort of keep them everywhere. When I first think of a new story, I like to keep it in my head for a while to mull over. Then I’ll keep a file in my laptop that includes the basic hook and brief summary. It may even include a prologue, which is how I started ANGEL STAR (Ster van Acht). I keep a pretty detailed planner and lots of sticky notes with ideas and character arcs and a general outline. If I’m not near my computer, I’ll jot down ideas in my phone.

9.     If you want to be a writer, what are the best characteristics?

Writers are very self-doubting, so it’s really best to just WRITE, not to think about the outcome or whether or not others will like it. Write the story because it’s YOURS and inside you, waiting to come out. Force yourself to stick to it ; it’s helpful to write at the time of day that suits you best. I really recommend staying focused with plot notes and keeping your ideas handy.

10.  And a funny question at the end, what is your snack while writing?

Here’s where I get to admit i’m a stress eater! I tend to snack while writing — from chips to pretzels to anything, really. But I always start my morning with coffee, and writing when I wake up is a great day to my day!

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